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Johan Kragsterman <johan.kragsterman at capvert.se> wrote:

>  I think it is a serial device, yes. As I said earlier, it is a device that is developed by Volvo cars, to get the information out of the software/firmware of the car via cable to the device, and further on via bluetooth/usb to the terminal and the windows application.
>  Since my client wants to switch all his desktop environments to thin clients, it would be very nice to be able to offer him this. How do I proceed to confirm this possibility?

You'd have to do the bluetooth setup on the client device first, so
that a serial port is created. Then you configure export of that serial
device in the thinlinc client (under local devices).

For the server, have a look at this page:


We unfortunately don't have automatic redirection of serial ports to
the windows server, so you'll have to do a custom tl-run-rdesktop
command line:

	tl-run-rdesktop -r comport:COM1=$TLSESSIONDATA/dev/ttyS0

Note that this is a feature that hasn't seen much use so there might be

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