[ThinLinc-technical] passphrase-protected SSH key on macOS

Bernd Dammann beda at dtu.dk
Fri Jun 12 13:09:25 CEST 2020

Hi Philippe,

On 11/06/2020, 19:41 , you wrote:
>    Hello, 
>    it seems the ThinLinc client (latest version, 4.11) on my Mac (10.11.6 El Capitan) always require > that I enter the passphrase for my passphrase-protected SSH key, whereas using this key from the 
> command line does not require a password because of the integration of the system-installed OpenSSH   > client with the macOS Keychain Access application, which unlocks the key when logging in to my macOS > account.
>    It would be great if ThinLinc could use this integration to allow passwordless access on macOS.
As a first test (or workaround), you could try to replace the ssh executable in the ThinLinc client application with the ssh from /usr/bin/ssh.  Would that work?


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