[Thinlinc-technical] How to change default window manager

Juan P. Rodriguez jpre3 at ono.com
Tue Oct 25 00:29:10 CEST 2016

Hello everyone

I'm running a 4.6.0 Thinlinc server on a Debian 7.10 machine, with KDM 
as display manager and KDE4 as desktop manager. I have two clients:

- one is a virtual host powered by virtualbox, usually booting with 
TS-Multiclient-Desktop-LiveCD-Demo.iso liveCD.

- the other one is a raspberry pi 3 with raspbian and the raspberry pi 
client installed.

Both of them connect well with the server and open remote desktops for 
any user, but thinlinc client ever displays xfce4 as window manager. But 
the real window manager used when users open session directly to the own 
server is kde, not xfce4. XFCE4 is installed too and not used now. So, 
most of the kde desktop features don't run, like desktop icons, links to 
disks, etc.

I can open a remote session from the clients with the old command "X 
-query serverIP", or via vnc, or directly via KDM, getting the right kde 
desktop, but it's impossible to get a kde desktop using the thinlinc 
client, only a xfce4 desktop. I can load a kde desktop "over" the xfce4 
desktop, starting it with a console, but the overload is really innecesary.

I reconfigured the debian x-window-manager in the server, with no 
effects (using the "update-alternatives --config x-window-manager" command).

Setting the .xsession file in the user home directory has no effects too 
(using the ". /etc/X11/Xsession /usr/bin/kde4" command).

I was looking for an script in /opt/thinlinc that could set the display 
manager to xfce4, but I didn't find any.

Searching in xdg config directories, I changed xfwm4 to kwin, with no 
effects too.

Using the thinlinc web admin, I put kde like default profile, with no 
effects too. Really, I don't see any way to select a profile when I 
start a session, despite of the message that the welcome window shows.

All /var/log files relative to the thinlinc and vsm are normal, no error 

Finally, I installed Debian 7.9 in the virtual machine, and the 
thinlinc-client_4.6.0-5144_i386.deb, getting the same failure.

Do you have any idea to fix the user window manager to kde, please ?
Someone could tell me if it is a problem of my thinlinc client or a 
problem with my server users configuration?

Thank you in advance!


PS: I'm so sorry, but I sent this message two times, one of them with a 
non-registered email.

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