[Thinlinc-technical] Need Explanation on Keyboard layout

Peter Astrand astrand at cendio.se
Mon Dec 22 09:25:38 CET 2014

Hi, see comments inline:

On Sat, 20 Dec 2014, Vincent Sourin wrote:

>  Hello,
>  Can someone explain to me how work keyboard layouts in thinlinc
>  environnement ?
>  My goal is to be able to use FreeRDP inside a thinlinc session with a
>  Belgian Keyboard layout.
>  1/ I connect to a xfce profile with Windows ThinLinc client (Windows client
>  is configured with 'Belgian' Layout).
>  Inside that Linux session, keyboard works well but I don't understand that :
> ~  $ setxkbmap -query
>  rules:      evdev
>  model:      pc105
>  layout:     us

There's one layout on our your client (Belgian), and another in the ThinLinc 
session (us). ThinLinc is based on VNC, which is "layoutless". The protocol is 
based on "keysyms" so in most cases (with well behaved applications) it is not 
necessary to configure a certain layout inside the ThinLinc session.

>  Q : How can I have a functional 'Belgian' Layout with an 'US' Layout
>  declared ?
>  If at this step, I launch a RDP connection with FreeRDP the remote Windows
>  recognized an US Layout (coherent with what setxkbmap -query returns)
>  and I nearly get a functional Belgian layout except that I don't have any
>  accented characters working (FreeRDP throws "Unknown key with X keycode
>  ...")

Instead of using "setxkbmap", you can do:

# tl-config /sessionstart/keyboard_layout=be

>  2/ Then I try to force BE layout inside Linux session :
> ~  $ setxkbmap be
>  Inside the Linux session, keyboard still works perfectly (and I still don't
>  understand why because I changed the layout ?)
>  If I launch a RDP connection with FreeRDP : now the remote Windows
>  recognized an BE Layout, I got all accented characters BUT
>  I loose the ability to use AltGR key (and with that, access to level 3 keys)

Don't know why. What does "setxkbmap -query" return after you have executed 
"setxkbmap be" (or changed /sessionstart/keyboard_layout)?

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