[Thinlinc-technical] Problem with multi monitor setup using only one monitor

Henrik Andersson henrik.andersson at cendio.com
Wed Mar 25 13:58:46 CET 2015


> I try to use thinlinc in full screen on the second monitor. The
> options are set to use the current monitor in full screen. If i
> connect to my server, i can use the desktop. To use the desktop of
> the client i have to hit F8. Only after this i can use my clients
> desktop. If i switch back to the servers desktop and want to go back
> again to the clients desktop, i have again to hit F8.
> Is this intended behaviour or is there something wrong with my
> installation?

Running ThinLinc in fullscreen will grab the keyboard so that system
keys such as alt-tab can be sent into the session. However the ThinLinc
client should release the keyboard grab when focus is lost eg. clicking
some were on the local desktop (other monitor).

I verified the above behavior using ThinLinc client version 4.3.0 on a
windows 8 desktop with multi-head setup and couldn't reproduce your

What client platform and ThinLinc client version are you using ?

If your client is a linux, which windows manager are you using ?

Kind Regards,

Henrik Andersson

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