[Thinlinc-technical] Problem with multi monitor setup using only one monitor

Michael Schlapa Michael.Schlapa at uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu Mar 12 09:53:52 CET 2015

Hey there,

i use a Lenovo x220 with docking station running ArchLinux. There are
two monitors attached over DVI, the internal screen is turned off.
(IvyBridge supports only 2 monitors.)

Now for my problem:
I try to use thinlinc in full screen on the second monitor. The options
are set to use the current monitor in full screen. If i connect to my
server, i can use the desktop. To use the desktop of the client i have
to hit F8. Only after this i can use my clients desktop. If i switch
back to the servers desktop and want to go back again to the clients
desktop, i have again to hit F8.

Is this intended behaviour or is there something wrong with my installation?

Best regards,
Michael Schlapa

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