[Thinlinc-technical] automatically unlocking screen saver on session connect?

Torsten Kasch tk at CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Thu Nov 27 15:16:43 CET 2014

Hi Carsten,

On 11/24/2014 08:59 PM, Carsten Rose wrote:
> Dear Torsten
> we would also appreciate a solution to avoid this double password input.

Good to hear. I already started wondering if I was really the first one to
notice this -- which I would have found hard to believe since experience shows
that (at least in the field of system administration) there always seems to be
someone who has come across the same issues earlier... ;-)

> thinlinc has some possibilities, similar to utaction - but I'm suspect it
> requires some work to script it.

Hmm, what exactly are the possibilities you were referring to? I wouldn't mind
having to script or tweak the system a little for a solution, but I didn't find
anything close to utaction(1) or similar which would allow me to hook some
custom routines into.


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