[Thinlinc-technical] Access control on user application

Karl Mikaelsson derfian at cendio.se
Wed Nov 26 12:11:58 CET 2014

lalitdagre at gmail.com writes:

> Hi,
> I am new to thinlinc and recently purchase it. I want to know is it
> possible in vsmserver, can we provide access control in such a way that
> particular user can allowed to use only internet browser(firefox) and file
> explorer and nothing else (no command line tools). this feature I want to
> use in gnome desktop.
> If I am missing something, please free to ask.

Hi Lalit,

Take a look at the ThinLinc Desktop Customizer. TLDC can help you
customize your desktop sessions so that the menus and desktop only
includes the applications you've selected. Here's the documentation for


The downsides is that it only modifies the menus, and doesn't stop
someone from actually running other programs, if the user is able to
find them through a file browser or similar.


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