[Thinlinc-technical] Release schedule

Peter Astrand astrand at cendio.se
Tue Dec 3 09:49:25 CET 2013

>> Hi! As you have perhaps seen on our Facebook/G+ pages, we will
>> switch to a "fixed" release schedule, with releases in April and
>> October every year. We want the releases to be as far away from
>> summer and winter vacations as possible, as well as making sure that
>> each release is not too long.
>> The next release, called 4.2.0, is thus scheduled for April 2014.
>The move to a fixed release schedule is very much appreciated as this
>helps us in planning updates/upgrades on a regular basis. So I am
>looking forward in receiving new/fresh versions twice a year. Two
>questions/remarks remain, however:
>1) Does this fixed release cycle also include minor bug fixing
>releases like 4.1.1 or will they also be released in between (which
>would be very important IMHO - e.g. due to required security fixes)?

In general, April/October will be used for "micro" releases as well. 
Sometimes we will make a bigger release with many changes/features, 
sometimes it will be a smaller release with mostly bugfixes.

Normally, we will not do any releases in between, but of course we can 
make exceptions, for example to release a security fix. We also have the 
possibility to release "hotfix packages" rather than doing a full release.

>2) It would be very good/helpful if you guys could open your public
>bugtracking/ticket system (bugzilla) so that users from outside could
>also few the ticket-based roadmap information for the upcoming
>releases. While bugzilla is really a powerful bug/ticket system,
>something like ‚trac‘ would be probably more handy as this lets you
>better/easier define milestones and assign tickets to them so that
>public users can also see/track the status of a particular milestone,
>etc. Are there any plans for something like that?

We use Bugzilla for bugs/features, and it's already open to the public, at 
the URL:


To view all bugs scheduled for 4.2.0 (preliminary, more bugs will be added 
today), checkout out this URL:


(Support issues are handled in a separate tracker based on the "Roundup" 
Issue Tracker; the public interface is currently email based.)

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