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Am 02.12.2013 um 15:02 schrieb Peter Astrand <astrand at cendio.se>:

> Hi! As you have perhaps seen on our Facebook/G+ pages, we will switch to a "fixed" release schedule, with releases in April and October every year. We want the releases to be as far away from summer and winter vacations as possible, as well as making sure that each release is not too long.
> The next release, called 4.2.0, is thus scheduled for April 2014.

The move to a fixed release schedule is very much appreciated as this helps us in planning updates/upgrades on a regular basis. So I am looking forward in receiving new/fresh versions twice a year. Two questions/remarks remain, however:

1) Does this fixed release cycle also include minor bug fixing releases like 4.1.1 or will they also be released in between (which would be very important IMHO - e.g. due to required security fixes)?
2) It would be very good/helpful if you guys could open your public bugtracking/ticket system (bugzilla) so that users from outside could also few the ticket-based roadmap information for the upcoming releases. While bugzilla is really a powerful bug/ticket system, something like ‚trac‘ would be probably more handy as this lets you better/easier define milestones and assign tickets to them so that public users can also see/track the status of a particular milestone, etc. Are there any plans for something like that?

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