[Thinlinc-technical] RES: More users / Less servers

Peter Åstrand astrand at cendio.se
Wed Aug 12 10:32:28 CEST 2009

> Btw, I just tried running GNOME on one or our systems and it was quite easy 
> to get down to 118 MiB. (In this case, I removed non-essential programs such 
> as Bluetooth support, screensaver etc, plus the actual Xserver, so that only 
> the GNOME processes was counted.)

Oh. This was the "RES" size. I forgot to substract the "shared" size, 
which turns out to be roughly 87 MiB. This leaves us with a "per user 
size" of only 31 MiB. This is just an idle desktop, though, without 

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