[ThinLinc-technical] migrating from Sunray: need easy login/logout

Peter Arnold Peter at pjama.net
Tue Apr 7 06:56:02 CEST 2020

Hi, I've finally bitten the bullet and migrated from Solarish and sunray 
to Ubuntu/Mate Desktop with thinlinc for my family/home network. At the 
moment, I have one HP ThinPro and a couple of desktops with the thinlinc 
client (tlclient GUI) installed but looking at getting a few more ThinPros.

What I'd like, is to be able to setup the ThinPro similar to the sunray 
so there is no other option but to enter credentials in the tlclient GUI 
and connect to a new or an existing thinlinc user session on the Ubuntu 
server. Additionally I'd like for the user to be able, in one action, 
exit from that session back to the tlclient (ie F8+Disconnect_session)

I'm a ThinPro newb so I'm not sure at this point if I can exclude all 
else on the desktop except to exec and display the tlclient GUI but I 
think I can simplify the tlclient options to just user and password for 
the login process.

For the disconnect process: I have no idea how to do this; presumably a 
script maybe? My other concern is that the disconnected desktop will be 
left "unlocked". Is there any way an unauthorized user can reconnected 
to it? ATM, because mate-screensaver is running, the desktop gets locked 
but the user has to unlock twice to get to their desktop which is 
undesirable. Is there a thinlinc screensaver that might lock, and 
disconnect from session?

I'd appreciate any pointers or experiences on this.


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