[Thinlinc-technical] Linux-mint 18.3 black screen

Peter Astrand astrand at cendio.se
Tue Feb 20 07:55:11 CET 2018

Are you running a GUI session on the console? On Ubuntu, I've noticed 
that Unity does not start in ThinLinc if it is already running on the 


On Mon, 19 Feb 2018, Matthew Pease wrote:

> So it get's a bit stranger, turns out if I leave it connected for long enough it does then proceed to start a new session,
> Also I'm usually also logged on to a local tty if that makes any difference.
> If I have an existing thinlinc session it reconnects fine.
> On 16 February 2018 at 13:08, Matthew Pease <firedragon at gmail.com> wrote:
>       Having an issue with a Linux mint 18.3 machine that worked fine for the first test session after installing the Thinlinc server bundle but all
>       connections since have just resulted in a Blank black screen.
> the VNC connection looks to be established as far as I can tell and the f8 menu displays but there is no video coming from the machine running the agent.

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