[Thinlinc-technical] Linux-mint 18.3 black screen

Bernd Dammann beda at dtu.dk
Sat Feb 17 10:12:27 CET 2018

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Having an issue with a Linux mint 18.3 machine that worked fine for the first test session after installing the Thinlinc server bundle but all connections since have just resulted in a Blank black screen.

the VNC connection looks to be established as far as I can tell and the f8 menu displays but there is no video coming from the machine running the agent.

We see this often, if a user runs of of quota.  Then ThinLinc cannot create some of the “files” needed for a successful connection.  There might be other reasons than “out of quota” that can prevent opening of files, e.g. limits on open files, etc.  Maybe this can give you some hints …


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   print unpack("u", "<22!K;F5W('1H870@>6]U)VQL(&1O('1H870A\"@``" );

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