[Thinlinc-technical] Mixed Linux Server Agents

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Mon Dec 10 11:02:09 CET 2018

On 29/11/2018 01:30, Karlyn Fielding wrote:
> Is there any way I can get all 4 desktop options appear as choices from the
> 3 different agent hosts ( that are all serving different desktop profiles
> )?   It feels like I'm missing something simple.

No, I'm afraid that is not possible. The system is based on the idea
that all agents are identical and that it doesn't matter which one a
user ends up on.

Right now you would have to install one ThinLinc cluster per type of
agent you want, and each such cluster would be independent.

The next version of ThinLinc (out soon hopefully) will have a new
feature called subclusters, which will allow you to group agents of
different types. However it will be the administrator, not the user who
decides which subcluster to use. Users are assigned based on group
membership or username.

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