[Thinlinc-technical] TL v4.5 : failure printing from Windows-client

Rob De Langhe rob.de.langhe at twistfare.be
Fri Oct 30 16:26:29 CET 2015

  some follow-up:

Since a Windows-based client PC does not allow a lot of troubleshooting, I
tested printing from a native Ubuntu 14.04LTS client running ThinLinc
client version 4.3.0, on which CUPS is installed and configured for a local
printer with URI (from "/etc/cups/printers.conf"):

DeviceURI socket://

1) test printing to local printer from this client-PC running Ubuntu -> ok

2) connect to the same TL-agent (v4.5), open same web-page, print it ->
displays succesfull launch of the print job, but no print job is emitted
from the TL-client to my local printer

3) I check on the client-PC what happened inside its CUPS, and see the
following log messages:

$ cat /var/log/cups/page_log
MFCJ6510DW rob 1 [30/Oct/2015:15:44:39 +0100] 1 1 - localhost
[Thinlinc-technical] Thinlinc printing issue workaround - -
$ cat /var/log/cups/access_log
localhost - - [30/Oct/2015:15:44:39 +0100] "POST /printers/MFCJ6510DW
HTTP/1.1" 200 354 Create-Job successful-ok
localhost - - [30/Oct/2015:15:44:39 +0100] "POST /printers/MFCJ6510DW
HTTP/1.1" 200 48895 Send-Document successful-ok

OK, so where did this job go ?

$ lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: MFCJ6510DW
device for MFCJ6510DW: socket://
MFCJ6510DW accepting requests since vr 30 okt 2015 15:44:39 CET
printer MFCJ6510DW is idle.  enabled since vr 30 okt 2015 15:44:39 CET
    Waiting for printer to finish.

"Waiting for printer to finish" ?? Check the spool directory:

# ls -ltr /var/spool/cups
totaal 56
drwxrwx--T 2 root lp  4096 okt  7 12:53 tmp
-rw-r----- 1 root lp 48632 okt 30 15:44 d00001-001
-rw------- 1 root lp   831 okt 30 15:44 c00001

Hmm... looks indeed like two job-files that are still pending :
# file *
c00001:     data
d00001-001: PDF document, version 1.5
tmp:        sticky, directory

The PDF files will very likely be the job contents, so what's in this
"c00001" file ?

# od -c c00001 |more
0000100   a   g   e  \0 005   n   l   -   b   e 002  
E  \0  \v   p   r
0000120   i   n   t   e   r   -   u   r   i  \0  
'   i   p   p   :   /
0000140   /   l   o   c   a   l   h   o   s   t  
:   6   3   1   /   p
0000160   r   i   n   t   e   r   s   /   M   F  
C   J   6   5   1   0
0000200   D   W   B  \0 031   j   o   b   -   o   r  
i   g   i   n   a

This looks like an invalid printer-URI
"ipp://localhost:631/printers/MFCJ6510DWB" , in any case different from the
"socket://" which I configured in the files

-> is this the reason why printing is not happening (not correct
printer-URI) ?

-> is this something that CUPS is doing ? Or is this printer-URI made up by
the TL-client ?


Citeren Rob De Langhe <rob.de.langhe at twistfare.be>:

> hi TL-enthousiasts,
> I have the master and agent running TL-v4.5 now (the beta version); a
> Windows-client is version 4.4
> 1) I can print normally from this Windows PC to my local printer, any
> type of file
> 2) I have the Windows printer-queue open, to see what the printer is
> doing (if anything)
> 3) I launch the TL-client, make sure that the local printer is exported
> to TL, then open a new session on the agent
> 4) I see that the 'thinlocal' print queue is enabled:
> $ lpstat -t
> scheduler is running
> no system default destination
> device for thinlocal: thinlocal:/
> thinlocal accepting requests since vr 30 okt 2015 14:36:35 CET
> printer thinlocal is idle.  enabled since vr 30 okt 2015 14:36:35 CET
>     Sending job to queue thinlocal at
> 5) I open some web-page, print it to a local PDF file; so far so good
> (the file exists, and is about 43KB size)
> 6) when I transfer the file manually from the TL-directory to my
> Windows-PC, open the PDF file with Acrobat Reader, then I can print it
> normally to my local printer; so far so good
> 7) however, when I print from within the TL-session to the 'thinlocal'
> printer, and keep an eye at the same time on the Windows-screen which
> shows the print-queue, I see a very short print-job appearing on the
> Windows-print-queue, then disappears again. And nothing gets sent to my
> printer.
> -> how to diagnose what gets sent to my Windows-TL-client ? Possible
> some empty job ?
> The log on the Windows-PC, "%TEMP%\tlclient.log" contains these lines
> with the confirmation that the job sending happens well :
> 2015-10-30T14:48:00: New thinlocal printer job, receiving to:
> C:\Users\rob\AppData\Local\Temp\lpd18
> 2015-10-30T14:48:00: Finished receiving printer job
> 2015-10-30T14:48:00: Printing job with title "[Thinlinc-technical]
> Thinlinc printing issue workaround" and type "application/octet-stream"
> (1 copies) on queue "thinlocal".
> 2015-10-30T14:48:00: Job printed successfully
> 8) when I change my Windows default printer to a PDF-file printer, an
> retry again printing from the TL-session, then I can save the generated
> PDF file on the Windows-PC, and see correctly the web-page that I was
> trying to see on paper...
> -> I am lost, where to start diagnosing ?
> thanks in advance for any hints !
> Rob
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