[Thinlinc-technical] ThinLinc 4.5.0 beta ready for testing

Rob De Langhe rob.de.langhe at twistfare.be
Sun Oct 25 20:23:57 CET 2015


I just installed this version on a new master server, and removed the
previous TL packages then installed this version 4.5 pkgs on an existing
agent "s2002" (IP

When I try to connect from a client with user "robdl058", the logs on the
master (/var/log/vsmserver.log) say
2015-10-25 19:57:00 DEBUG vsmserver: Requesting VSM Agent s2002 to unbind
ports for robdl058's display 2
2015-10-25 19:57:00 ERROR vsmserver.session: Unhandled exception trying to
unbind ports for display 2 on VSM Agent s2002:904: <type
'exceptions.KeyError'> 'sessionkey' Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/thinlinc/modules/thinlinc/vsm/async.py", line 112, in iii11
    obj . handle_read_event ( )
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/asyncore.py", line 449, in handle_read_event
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/asynchat.py", line 140, in handle_read
  File "/opt/thinlinc/modules/thinlinc/vsm/xmlrpc.py", line 405, in
    self . handle_response ( )
  File "/opt/thinlinc/modules/thinlinc/vsm/xmlrpc.py", line 437, in
    self . handle_returnvalue ( )
  File "/opt/thinlinc/modules/thinlinc/vsm/call_unbindports.py", line 41,
in handle_returnvalue
    self . callback ( )
  File "/opt/thinlinc/modules/thinlinc/vsm/loginhandler_common.py", line
71, in run_sessionscripts
    self . send_response ( )
  File "/opt/thinlinc/modules/thinlinc/vsm/loginhandler_common.py", line
88, in send_response
    oOOoo ) [ 'sessionkey' ]
KeyError: 'sessionkey'
. Marking agent as down.
2015-10-25 19:57:08 DEBUG vsmserver: Handling connection from
('', 51042)
2015-10-25 19:57:09 DEBUG vsmserver: Handling connection from
('', 51046)

The connection from the client hangs. I need to kill the client process.

Any idea ?


Citeren Pierre Ossman <ossman at cendio.se>:

> We are almost done with a new release of ThinLinc, and you can now get
> a preview of what's coming. A beta release is now available on our web
> site, so please give it a try and see how it works for you. The final
> release will follow in a few weeks.
> Please note that this pre-release version should not be used on critical
> systems. The beta version can be downloaded from our web site:
> https://www.cendio.com/thinlinc/download/beta
> Rgds
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> Pierre Ossman           Software Development
> Cendio AB                https://cendio.com
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> 583 30 Linköping        https://facebook.com/ThinLinc
> Phone: +46-13-214600        https://plus.google.com/+CendioThinLinc
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