[Thinlinc-technical] PDF printing: partial workaround

pclerc at ablys.eu pclerc at ablys.eu
Mon Jul 20 15:11:06 CEST 2015


we have de same issue on several printers (often low-cost personal 
printers and high-end connected copiers), with Debian (squeeze) thinlinc 
server (latest version) and Windows 7/8 clients.

> A bug in CUPS in Ubuntu forces all print jobs to be marked as raw
> data. This breaks ThinLinc's universal handling of local printers and
> results in PDF data being sent directly to the local printer. Many
> printers can natively handle PDF print jobs and should work despite
> this bug. There is unfortunately no known workaround for other
> printers though.

As workaround, we have installed a PDF virtual printer (Bullzip or 
PDFCreator, configured for saving a so-called "printpdf.pdf" document.
This work for small documents, but: a 141k original PDF documen (12 pages) 
 is send as a 600M flow, and finally saving as a 58 M local PDF document.

So, it is unusable for bigger documents.

Have you any better solution ?

Best Regards,

Pierre CLERC

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