[Thinlinc-technical] Spurious tlclient instances on IGEL terminals after suspend/resume?

Torsten Kasch tk at CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Tue Oct 28 11:02:00 CET 2014


while testing various IGEL terminal models with our ThinLinc test setup I
stumbled across the following issue:

Scenario: ThinLinc client configured as the only "Autostart" and "Restart"
session (i.e. ThinLinc client is automatically launched after booting the
terminal and after session exit).

Symptom: With no ThinLinc session running (i.e. client shows login window) put
the terminal to sleep/suspend mode. After waking it up again, an additional
ThinLinc client instance is started in addition to the one that was running when
the terminal went to sleep. After n suspend/resume cycles you'll have n+1 client
instances which you only notice when moving the login windows aside (or by the
growing number of icons in the task bar, if you have not hidden it via IGEL setup).

This happens with the quite old ThinLinc 3.2 client as shipped by IGEL as well
as with a 4.3-beta installed on the custom partition. I already opened a ticket
with IGEL about this issue, but maybe this is ThinLinc-specific? At least I
could not reproduce this behaviour with other clients (rdesktop, ssh) which seem
to get terminated on entering suspend mode.

Or did I mis-configure something?


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