[Thinlinc-technical] automatically unlocking screen saver on session connect?

Martin Leiser leiser at web.de
Sun Nov 30 14:21:01 CET 2014

Am 19. November 2014 08:23:08 MEZ, schrieb Torsten Kasch <tk at CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>:
>when connecting to an existing idle ThinLinc session (Linux desktop),
>the user
>usually has to enter his password a second time in order to unlock the
>automatically started screen saver. Since this gets a little bit
>annoying after
>some time, I was wondering if there is a way to automatically unlock
>the screen
>saver when a session is connected successfully. Something equivalent to
>SunRay's utaction(1) command might be useful implementing what I want
>but there
>doesn't seem to such a thing...
>Am I missing something? How do other site admins deal with this
Having read your question and the diverse suggestions about solutions.

I work for a company which also enforces a ten minute screensaver policy.
I love it when you have a deep discussion in a meeting room,
the screensaver jumps in and to unlock you have to type a password at least twice...

I routinely do remote maintenance through a terminal server,
then sometimes two more hops to reach the final desktop.
If You run repair jobs typically taking several minutes if not hours,
you begin to love screensavers on virtual screens.
Great  fun looking up the passwords over and over again...

Screensavers should be restricted to sessions an physical screens.
Terminal servers must not have screen savers.

No screensaver no problem.

If you want to enforce a lock screen policy and you cannot control the clients,
you might want to have an auto disconnect
option in thin linc. I do not no whether this exists.
I should have a reasonable warning time for meetings...

Last kick but not a problem in thin linc:
If you attach remotely to a physical screen session,
this also unlocks the physical screen.
To my kowledge this cannot be avoided at all.

Yours Martin Leiser

>	Torsten
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