[Thinlinc-technical] Outside / Inside vsmagent connection

Rob De Langhe rob.de.langhe at twistfare.be
Mon Nov 17 10:44:37 CET 2014

  1) when connecting from the outside world, the IP-addr of the vsmagent
must be reachable ; with 192.168.* that will surely never work. You must
arrange that 'vsmagent' directive is not an IP addr, but a hostname. Then
arrange your publicly reachable DNS service to resolve that hostname into a
public IP addr which is reachable from the outside world.

2) when connecting from the inside, again that same vsmagent hostname
should be resolved differently by your internal DNS Service : this time it
should resolve into an internal ('private') IP address such as from the
range 192.168.* ; that addr will then be correctly reachable from inside
your network

-> two different DNS services : one for queries from the outside world,
returning public address for vsmagent, and another for queries from the
internal (private) network, returning private address for vsmagent.

(is documented properly in the Thinlinc admin guide...)

good luck

Quoting ventomatteo at tiscali.it:

> Hi,     i'm starting a new thinlinc infrastructure from SunRay in a
> non-profit organization.
>   I have bought a IGEL machine and work well.
>   Sun Smart Card not works, but i have read Peters Fri, 27 Sep 2013
> reply post.
>   I've a problem. If i set vsmagent directive on my internal server
> (192.168........) I can't connect from the outside and viceversa (if i
> set my public IP).
>   Ca you help me?
>   --alessandro
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