[Thinlinc-technical] Transfer windows between real and virtual desktops

Peter Åstrand astrand at cendio.se
Mon Mar 11 08:51:09 CET 2013

No, this is not possible. Normal X applications can only be connected with 
one X server at a time. With Firefox, the only option that I know of is to 
create a second Firefox profile.


On Sun, 10 Mar 2013, Andriy Kravchenko wrote:

> Hello,
> Is this possible to transfer application windows between real and virtual 
> sessions? Sometimes it is really needed (for example, it is not possible to 
> open new Firefox window if it is working under the same user started it on 
> real desktop).
> Would be nice to find a tool (with GUI or without it) which is easy to use.
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