[Thinlinc-technical] Announcing public Bugzilla access

Peter Astrand astrand at cendio.se
Thu Nov 29 09:14:05 CET 2012

I'm very excited to announce public access to our "Bugzilla" database, 
containing all feature requests and bug reports. This is something that 
has been on our todo list for a very long time. Having access to the 
Bugzilla allows you to:

* Read more about bugs referenced in the release notes.

* Search for existing known problems.

* Get a notification when a certain bug has been solved or updated.

* Report new bugs and feature requests. Please note however that if you 
are not sure if the problem is really a bug, use our support tracker 
instead. When in doubt, start with contacting support at cendio.com.

* Check out which bugs are scheduled for the next release, and follow our 
development progress towards the final release. You can also see which new 
features are in the "nightly build" client.

The database currently contains 4492 bugs. Note that the term "bug" is 
also used for feature requests. Some bugs and comments are Cendio internal 
and cannot be accessed by normal user accounts. Initially, all information 
was marked as internal. We are then gradually granting access to existing 
bugs. New bugs are generally public from the start. If you want to know 
more about a specific bug which is currently internal, please contact us, 
and we will consider open it up.

The next release currently goes by the name "4.1.0", and it's the first 
release which will be done with public bug tracking. Thus, we have granted 
access to all bugs currently scheduled for 4.1.0 (more will follow).

The Bugzilla is available at this URL: https://www.cendio.com/bugzilla/

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