[Thinlinc-technical] Pulseaudio-daemon dies on 10.04 server

Patrik Wallin Patrik.Wallin at tierp.se
Thu Feb 24 16:00:29 CET 2011


The problem is solved! At least I found the source of the problem!

I had the problems with a HP T5710 thin client, running thinlinc on Windows XP Embedded. Installing thinstation instead on it solved the problem. After that, the video and audio was running smoothly without any problems with Thinlinc. Maybe the thinlinc client is having problem on XP embedded or maybe the system resources are too low. Anyway thinlinc works great with thinstation. I installed thinstation locally on the thin client.

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Ämne: [Thinlinc-technical] Pulseaudio-daemon dies on 10.04 server

I have installed Thinlinc-server 3.1.2 on Kubuntu 10.04 32-bit and I have serious problems getting the sound to work. The sound is stuttering and after a while the Pulseaudio-daemon just dies. The client I´m using during the test is a XP embedded thinclient. Everything worked fine before on Kubuntu 9.04!

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