[Thinlinc-technical] Question about dynamically resizing sessions

Peter Åstrand astrand at cendio.se
Thu Nov 18 10:24:44 CET 2010

> I am currently looking at using ThinLinc to remotely access servers in
> my environment.  The ThinLinc server is currently running on Ubuntu
> 10.10, and the clients are also Ubuntu 10.10.
> I am trying to publish single applications, and have the application
> resize when the ThinLinc client resizes.  It appears from the
> documentation that ThinLinc supports RandR, so this should allow
> sessions to dynamically resize.

Our support for publishing single applications to the client is limited. 
Historically, our focus has been on publishing desktops.

> I have verified that RandR support is working, because I can resize
> ThinLinc sessions by using "xrandr --screen "default" --size 1024x768"
> works, so I know that my Linux machine supports RandR.
> Am I missing something simple?  How do I get the client to attempt to
> resize the application when the client window is resized?

I'm afraid this isn't possible, currently. The size of the session will be 
changed either when it is changed from within the session (say, using the 
xrandr command as you have tried), or when the client starts (connects to 
a new or existing session). As you have noticed, the client doesn't send a 
resize request when the client window is resized.

There are many cases where you want to keep the remote session size, but 
having the option of send resize requests when the local window size 
changes is certainly an interesting idea. We have discussed this in the 
past but haven't yet implemented this.

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