[Thinlinc-technical] RES: RES: More users / Less servers

Marcos de Souza Trazzini - Avancera marcos.trazzini at avancera.com.br
Wed Aug 12 17:58:01 CEST 2009

> > Btw, I just tried running GNOME on one or our systems and 
> it was quite 
> > easy to get down to 118 MiB. (In this case, I removed non-essential 
> > programs such as Bluetooth support, screensaver etc, plus 
> the actual 
> > Xserver, so that only the GNOME processes was counted.)
> Oh. This was the "RES" size. I forgot to substract the 
> "shared" size, which turns out to be roughly 87 MiB. This 
> leaves us with a "per user size" of only 31 MiB. This is just 
> an idle desktop, though, without applications.
Hummm... That´s nice, but I´m not sure if gnome core components (Yes, I´ve
disabled the same programs as you) shares all that memory along or if I´m
using the wrong information to measure memory consumption. 

I´ve wrote a small script (attached) that uses RSS (Resident Stack Size) as
the measure for memory consumption, but I think (not really sure) that it
includes the shared memory segments, what could lead to wrong data.

BTW, I´ve used this script on a real ThinLinc server, and the memory
measured was exactly the one reported by "free -mo".


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