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Thu May 11 11:30:40 CEST 2006

I would review the following:

1. Mapping to local resources
RDP- and ICA-clients try to map local resources into the WTS-session, like local drives and printers. But if there is nothing to connect to, the timeout could be quite long. So if these are not used, disable them. It can be done server side under Terminal Services Configuration -> Connection -> RDP-tcp -> Properties -> Client Settings Tab.

I think there is also a way to configure WTS to initialize the session without waiting for the resources, but I'm not sure on how to do that.

2. Remove Applications loaded at startup
Clear the registry and autostart-folders from just about everything. Do it for "All Users" and the user having the problem. In the registry, be sure to clear both HKLM (System) and HKLU (each user).


3. Roaming Profile Size
If you use Roaming Profiles, make sure there is a size limit, and that the profile is not too large, as it's loaded across the network at every login.

Good Luck!


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On Thu, 11 May 2006, Les Halliday wrote:

> Hi Johan
>>>> "Johan Calmblad" <johan.calmblad at>  >>>
>> Is it a standalone WTS system? In other words are you running all 
>> applications with the same local windows user?
> I believe so. We connect fast. Get a blue screen for a minute or so, 
> then program loads and performance is good. As a guess the 
> authentication at the WTS end seems to be slow.

Any warnings or errors in the Event Viewer?

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