[ThinLinc-technical] migrating from Sunray: need easy login/logout

Peter Arnold Peter at pjama.net
Fri Apr 17 00:49:20 CEST 2020

On 15/4/20 6:41 pm, Samuel Mannehed wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>> Additionally I'd like for the user to be able, in one action, exit
>> from that session back to the tlclient (ie F8+Disconnect_session)
> Without changing anything you can disconnect by pressing 'F8' and then
> 'c'. As you can see in the F8-menu, all items have an underlined
> shortcut-letter like that.
> If you would rather map a hotkey to a script you can call this command
> to disconnect:
>   vncconfig -disconnect

Excellent. I can work with this. :)
For the moment I've just added a launcher on the panel with this in it 
and it works well.

>> I'm a ThinPro newb so I'm not sure at this point if I can exclude all
>> else on the desktop except to exec and display the tlclient GUI but I
>> think I can simplify the tlclient options to just user and password
>> for the login process.
> The ThinLinc Client can lock the server field and hide the options
> button if you want, just make sure your tlclient is started with these
> options:
>   tlclient --lock server --hide options ADDRESS_OF_UBUNTU_SERVER
> With regards to not displaying other applications/menus in the ThinPro
> OS, I am afraid I'm no expert either.

Damn :) It might be time for me to RTFM.

>> My other concern is that the disconnected desktop will be left
>> "unlocked". Is there any way an unauthorized user can reconnected to
>> it? ATM, because mate-screensaver is running, the desktop gets locked
>> but the user has to unlock twice to get to their desktop which is
>> undesirable. Is there a thinlinc screensaver that might lock, and
>> disconnect from session?
> I'd recommend disabling the mate-screensaver and adding a automatic
> disconnect after a some idle time. Look at 'MaxIdleTime' here:
> https://www.cendio.com/resources/docs/tag/configuration_limiting_lifetime.html

OK, perhaps not my ideal but it's a home environment so I can play with 
it with not much risk. It looks like I'll need to balance Idle time of 
not doing anything on the desktop vs not doing anything because it's 
> Best regards,

Thanks for your advice.

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