[Thinlinc-technical] OpenSuse 15.1

Walter Rothfuss waltrothfuss at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 30 20:25:00 CEST 2019

I have tried to get Thinlinc 4.10 working on OpenSuse 15.1.  The Thinlinc Platform Specific Notes say it should work on Suse 15 and OpenSuse 15, and 15.1 is just a recent release.  I have installed all the missing packages according to the setup program, but it keeps telling me that the same packages are missing, even after a reboot and running tl-setup again, and reconfirming via command line that the missing packages have in fact been installed.  Has anyone been able to get Thinlinc working on OpenSuse 15.1?  Or is it just not possible on 15.1, only on 15?  Or is it possible only on Suse, not OpenSuse?

I installed the OpenSuse workstation system, added all the development packages, lsb, and the MATE desktop (very nice), all updates, and ran "sudo zypper install insserv-compat" in accordance with the Thinlinc Platform Specific Notes for Suse/OpenSuse to start third party services.  This was all done before trying to install Thinlinc.

FYI, the SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extensions (sle-we/15/x86_64) module is apparently only available for a registered copy of Suse 15.1, and is not available at all to the OpenSuse version.  See https://www.cendio.com/thinlinc/docs/platforms/suse that implies that it can be obtained for OpenSuse.  Registered copy mean you have downloaded a time limited trial version of Suse, or have bought Suse for $799, not OpenSuse.

Any thoughts??


Walt Rothfuss
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