[Thinlinc-technical] Split horizon DNS

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan.buzzard at strath.ac.uk
Tue May 8 12:31:39 CEST 2018

On Fri, 2018-05-04 at 14:18 +0000, Rob Evans wrote:
> Hi,
> Use a hostname in VSM rather than an IP and then create a local DNS a
> record resolve this internally.

I have used hostname's exclusively in the configuration files.

> E.g. tlinc01.somehost.com =
> Public =
> Local IP
> Also maybe edit the hosts file and add the FQDN name pointing at the
> local IP of the ThinLinc box.
> Should then work great either from WAN or LAN

I was actually having two problems. The first problem I was having I
had correctly identified is that the vsmserver process does not handle
split horizon DNS correctly. So the client connects to the vsmserver
process it then hands out the IP address of the vsmagent process one is
to connect too. However it is handing out the internal IP address.

This can be fudged with /etc/hosts. However the vsmserver process is
making a faulty assumption about the IP address, and should really hand
back a hostname that the client then looks up.

The second problem was with restricting logins to normal users on the
vsmserver. I was following the information in Appendix C, but had
called my script thinlinc-login and stuck it in /usr/local/bin.
Unfortunately /usr/local/bin comes before /usr/bin in the PATH and well
it didn't work. Changing the script to thinlinc-nolocal fixed the


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