[Thinlinc-technical] special configuration..licenses

Samuel Mannehed samuel at cendio.se
Tue Jun 5 10:49:04 CEST 2018

Hi Jan,

> I have the following configuration:
> one master server, with the license-files an doing the loadbalancing, 
> and several agents.
> I have  a special server (agent) to which i would like to connect 
> directly. (until now, i've managed this with explicit_agentselection. 
> But now there will a second server (agent) so I cannot use this
> method anymore. instead i would like to use predefined apps (from
> IGEL terminals) which connect directly to the agents. The problem is,
> that the license-server is not contacted, on this "special servers" I
> have only 5 concurrent licenses available.
> Is there a way to tell the agent to contact the license server to
> obtain a (regular) license?

With "connect directly to the agents", do you mean directly from the
ThinLinc client? This isn't intended to work, but I assume that this
agent is also running a separate master service.

In ThinLinc the master server is the license server. Since you are
connecting to a different master (which is running on the same machine
as your new agent) you will not be getting the licenses from your
original master.

You say that you can't use explicit_agentselection anymore since you
have a second agent? Multiple agents can be specified in that
parameter. See the documentation here:


We are aware that explicit_agentselection is very limited, the next
release of ThinLinc will include support for subclusters. See this
entry in our bugtracker:


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