[Thinlinc-technical] explicit_agentselection : get list from (large) file or LDAP-lookup ?

Rob De Langhe rob.de.langhe at twistfare.be
Wed Nov 11 17:59:26 CET 2015

hi all,

the config entry "explicit_agentselection" in the master server's file
"/opt/thinlinc/etc/conf.d/vsmserver.hconf" currently takes space-delimited
pairs of

To keep this lovely method of explicit agent allocation per user scalable
for many (!) users, could you please provide a way to get such list from an
external (large) file, or -even much better- lookup the entries from an
LDAP repository ?

Would be very cool to have TL work in combination with a user namespace
from LDAP...

best regards !
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