[Thinlinc-technical] control current desktop

Peter Astrand astrand at cendio.se
Mon Mar 3 13:19:15 CET 2014

Hi! I think what you are asking for is a feature to connect to the ":0" 
display, rather than creating a new session. We have no such functionality 
yet, but you can achieve this with some configuration and using the 
"x11vnc" software. You will find the details here:


Best regards,
Peter Astrand

On Thu, 20 Feb 2014, John P Arends wrote:

> This is sort of an edge case outside of what most people do, but I was 
> curious. I have a RHEL workstation under my desk that I sometimes use, 
> although I most often interact with it using ThinLinc from my MacBook.
> Is there any way to use ThinLinc to take control over the current 
> desktop session? it’d be nice to be able to sit at the machine and work, 
> and resume that work from a remote location. At the moment if I start 
> something in a ThinLinc session and leave it running, if I visit the 
> actual RHEL machine, I have no way of getting to it other than through 
> ThinLinc.
> This probably is an edge case since most people are running it in the 
> data center and accessing it remotely.

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