[Thinlinc-technical] Smart TV's as a client platform

jan.hellings at triads.eu jan.hellings at triads.eu
Fri Jul 4 09:53:11 CEST 2014

Hi you all,

Looking into client-platform possibilities and todays features on the
level of television sets, I wondered if there is any idea in the
performance of smart tv's as client platform using there html client.

The unification of 'screens' to be used as a frontend to any type of
content is going fast and buying a tv set instead of buying a 'pc' could
be a valuable option. Even TV sets tend to be cheaper than a thin client
solution. (small size screens similar to desktop screens)

Maybe I'm wrong in this but ... a tv set should be powerfull on the level
of graphical generations. Looking at the specs of samsung  (
http://developer.samsung.com/devices/tv-specs ) I wonder what the problem
would be.

We do not own such a set (yet) but maybe somebody did the test ;)

Greetings and many thanks for any ideas.


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