[Thinlinc-technical] Thinlinc webaccess through Apache2 proxy

Mate Lampert lampert.mate at wigner.mta.hu
Wed Dec 31 07:43:39 CET 2014

Dear Thinlinc Technical,

I am trying to setup the thinlinc webaccess service with the Apache2 
proxypass. What I would like to do is to proxy https://localhost:300 to 
my website's address, which is the following: https://WEBSITENAME/thinlinc
Proxying works, however it always tries to load https://WEBSITENAME/main 
instead of https://WEBSITENAME/thinlinc/main
In an other web based application (subsonic) it was possible to set a so 
called context_path variable, which solved the above mentioned problem.

Is there any way to solve this problem for the thinlinc webaccess?

Best regards,


  Mate Lampert
  PhD Student
  Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics (RMI)
  Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner RCP)
  Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS)
  Association EURATOM/HAS
  Letters: P.O.B. 49, H-1525, Budapest, Hungary
  Fax: (36 1) 3922598
  Phone: (36 1) 3922541
  E-mail: lampert.mate at wigner.mta.hu

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