[Thinlinc-technical] vsmagent and tlwebadm randomly recieving SIGTERM

Daniel Lundqvist daniel at island.liu.se
Tue Sep 4 15:03:39 CEST 2012


vsmagent and tlwebadm has got shut down two time the last 2-3 weeks, most
recently this morning at 6:25 without any user or admin on the server,

log output does not say that much except;

2012-09-02 06:25:02 INFO vsmagent: Got SIGTERM, signaling process to quit
2012-09-02 06:25:02 INFO vsmagent: Terminating. Have a nice day

2012-09-02 06:25:02 INFO tlwebadm[17036]: Caught SIGTERM, Exiting...

Looks like vsmserver wsa still running though. Any help would be
apriciating, running 3.4.0.

Daniel Lundqvist
IEI\Island - Linköpings universitet
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