[ThinLinc-announce] ThinLinc licenses - quick access (due to COVID-19)

Samuel Mannehed samuel at cendio.se
Thu Mar 12 13:46:30 CET 2020

Dear valued customers,

In light of the recent developments of the pandemic Coronavirus disease
(COVID-19). We’re seeing a pressing need among some of our customers to
speed up the process of additional license acquisitions to be able to
meet the increased demand for working remotely. 

In order to fulfil this need, we would like to let you know that we
have created a fast track license acquisition plan that makes it easy
to acquire additional licenses through sending us an email to 
contact at cendio.com and without going through the usual routine
paperwork, both on our side and yours, as we believe paper work shall
take the back seat in this scenario, and can be taken care of later on.

This measure is meant to enable the organizations to remain connected
and for daily work to be carried out as usual. 

Any need for additional licenses to support an ongoing research to
fight the pandemic Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is offered by Cendio
for free, and for as long as the need to solve this particular
international challenge remain critical. 

Best regards,
ThinLinc Team

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