[Thinlinc-announce] ThinLinc 4.10.0 released

Samuel Mannehed samuel at cendio.se
Tue Mar 19 16:13:21 CET 2019

Cendio are proud to present ThinLinc 4.10.0, with more than 100
enhancements and fixes. The most prominent changes are:

* The base requirements for the server and the Linux client have been
  raised. The requirements are still very low and all systems released
  the last 8 to 9 years should still be supported. Check the
  documentation for the exact details.

* Upgraded graphical stack that includes bug fixes, performance
  improvements, many small features and generally gives better
  compatibility with applications running in a ThinLinc session.

* The ability to partition a ThinLinc cluster into to sub-clusters for
  different use. The different sub-clusters can even use entirely
  different distributions.

* An overhaul of the authentication in Web Access to increase
  compatibility with various authentication modules, such as the Duo
  Access one time password system.

* Support for UNIX and Windows Application Servers has been removed in
  this version in favour of focusing more on the Linux desktop. Users
  are encouraged to switch to the applications provided by the
  distribution where this is still needed, and those applications
  should continue to work well in ThinLinc.

A detailed description of the this release is available at
https://www.cendio.com/thinlinc/docs/relnotes/4.10.0 .

The client and server software can be downloaded directly from our web
page. As before, the software is completely free for up to 5 concurrent
users. You can also test ThinLinc 4.10.0 by creating an account on our
demo system.

Get started using ThinLinc 4.10.0 by visiting our getting started page
at https://www.cendio.com/thinlinc/how-to-get-started

Best regards,
Samuel Mannehed         Software Development
Cendio AB               https://cendio.com
Teknikringen 8          https://twitter.com/ThinLinc
583 30 Linköping        https://facebook.com/ThinLinc
Phone: +46 13 214 600

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